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Featured Cams

Decorah Eagles
D18 and D19 fledged. D20 remains in nest.

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons
1st hatch: May 17.

Eaglecrest Wildlife
Multiple cams.

Eagle Valley Eagles
Two young: EV1 and EV2.

Missouri Turkey Vultures
Vultures sometimes present.

Swift Cam

Xcel Energy Cams

Xcel Fort St Vrain Eagles
Three young: FSV 25, 26, & 27.

Xcel Fort St Vrain OwlCam

Xcel KestrelCam
1st hatch: May 16.

Xcel King Falcons
Four eggs to date.

Xcel Blackdog Falcons
1st hatch: May 12.

Xcel Sherco Falcons
Site failed.

Xcel Riverside Great Blue Herons

Dairyland Power Cams

Dairyland Alma Plant
Estimated hatch: May 18.

Dairyland Genoa Plant
Four eggs

All Other Cams

GRE Elk River Falcons
1st hatch: May 17

MPL Cohasset & Hibbard Plants
Cohasset: est. hatch May 21.
Hibbard: est. hatch May 31.

Red Wing Grain Falcons
Estimated hatch: May 19.

Bay State Milling Falcons
1st hatch: May 15.

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